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Panoramic view of the Eagle Crest golf course melded softly together with the lakes’ glistening water

Welcome to the Eagle Crest Golf Resort. With PGA Pro tips from Wes Blevins.

View a photo of each hole with pro tips from PGA Director of Golf Wes Blevins.

“On behalf of the staff at Eagle Crest Golf Course, I would like to personally welcome and thank you for playing a round at our golf course.”

Wes Blevins, PGA Director of Golf.


Our resort golf club features an 18-hole Championship Golf Course and three-tiered practice range overlooking Ford Lake. Eagle Crest Golf Course offers a golfing venue for every level of play. Originally designed by Carl Litten of Boca Raton, Florida, the course opened in 1989 and in 2012 underwent major course renovations under the direction of architect Jim Lipe. Now, with renovations complete, this Par-72 golf course provides golfers with one of the most challenging, yet fair tests of golf in Southeast Michigan.


Owned by Eastern Michigan University, Eagle Crest is the home course for the Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams and is also open to the public.


Significant amenities include:

  • PGA Teaching Academy on property and a state-of-the-art practice facility.
  • Four different sets of tees provide options for all golfers.
  • Course stretches to a length of 6,911 yards and holds a course ranking of 73.0 and a slope rating of 142 from the championship markers.
  • Several holes border the banks of Ford Lake offering spectacular views throughout your round.
  • Signature Hole #16 was recently cited by USA Today as one of Detroit’s “Dream 18-Most Memorable Holes.”

Eagle Crest Golf Holes 1, 2 & 3

Eagle Crest Golf Holes 4, 5 & 6

Eagle Crest Golf Holes 7, 8 & 9

Eagle Crest Golf Holes 10, 11 & 12

Eagle Crest Golf Holes 13, 14 & 15

Eagle Crest Holes 16, 17 & 18

Hole #1 Par 4 450 Yards

Eagle Crest #1

Hole #1. This Par 4 is one of the best views in Southeast Michigan. Overlooking Ford Lake the drive from this elevated tee should be positioned center or left of center to give an open look to the green.  An approach shot to the middle of the green will avoid the waterfall and lateral hazard to the left as well as the green side bunker.  This is a difficult but fair opening hole.

Hole #2 Par 4 440 Yards

Eagle Crest #2

Hole #2. A tough Par 4 that doglegs left with a premium placed on accuracy both off the tee and the approach shot.  Keep the drive center to right of center to avoid being blocked by the trees on the left and the water hazard short left of the green.  The approach shot leaves no room for error, as lateral hazards flank both sides of the green, Ford Lake on the right and the water hazard on the left.

Hole #3 Par 4 335 Yards

Eagle Crest #3

Hole #3. On the scorecard this might seem like a short and easy par 4 but this hole is anything but easy. It requires a tee shot of about 200-230 yards that you have to land between the trees on the right and the bunker on the left. Keep your drive short of the water hazard that is 250 yards from the tee.  This will set up a short wedge to a difficult green that is very long front to back and outlined by two small bunkers on the left and right of the green and one large bunker behind the green.

Hole #4 Par 3 208 Yards

Eagle Crest #4

Hole #4. This long par 3, from the tee seems simple but Ford Lake is closer than it appears. An accurate tee shot is required to avoid the Lake on the left and the bunker short and right of the green.

Hole #5 Par 5 555 Yards

Eagle Crest #5

Hole #5. This is the first par 5 at Eagle Crest but it is not just a long walk. This hole requires 3 accurate shots as Ford lake Runs along the entire right side of the hole claiming many errant tee and layup shots. Be sure to favor the left side of the fairway with your layup as the fairway slopes severely to the hazard on the right. This will set up a short wedge shot to a large green that slopes severely from left to right and has many challenging hole locations.

Hole #6 Par 3 165 Yards

Eagle Crest #6

Hole #6. A short par 3 with an interesting green that slopes right to left, do not take this hole lightly. Check your yardage twice as this short hole requires the most accuracy with many pin locations.  A shot shaping left to right will yield the best results.

Hole #7 Par 4 360 Yards

Eagle Crest #7

Hole #7. This short par 4 requires less than a driver to set up the best approach to the two-tiered green.  With out of bounds on the right keep your drive to the left of the fairway.  The premium approach shot on this hole is hitting the proper tier with your approach to the green. Depending on the pin location a careless shot can leave you with a long and difficult putt for birdie or par.

Hole #8 Par 4 330 Yards

Eagle Crest #8

Hole #8. This short par 4 with out of bounds on the right is tree lined on the right and left of the fairway. This hole favors a tee ball shaping left to right to avoid the trees off the tee and the fairway bunker on the left that is lurking at 100 yards from the green. It is best to hit less than driver to give yourself a full wedge to the green.

Hole #9 Par 5 536 Yards

Eagle Crest #9

Hole #9. This Par 5 has a slight dogleg right with Out of bounds along the entire right side of the

hole.  Long hitters can reach the green in two!   Position the tee shot in the center of the fairway to avoid the fairway bunker. You might have a short wedge or iron into the green but be aware of the many hole locations as it is up hill and the surface is not visible from the fairway. A large green side bunker guards the approach to the green.

Hole #10 Par 5 540 Yards

Eagle Crest #10

Hole #10. This par 5 has a 90 degree right turn. Big hitters can benefit from cutting the corner with a drive over the trees but be careful as out of bounds runs the entire right side of this hole. This will leave a mid to long iron shot into a two tiered green, a large bunker protects the front of the green so make sure you use enough club on your approach.

Hole #11 Par 4 403 Yards

Eagle Crest #11

Hole #11. One of the most talked about holes on the course!   This Par 4 is a short 90 degree dog leg right that requires a club less than driver off of the tee. A shot of 220 yards will put you just passed the 150 marker in the fairway. A drive that goes 250 yards will put you into a native grass area, so keep your tee shot on upper plateau. The approach shot to a large elevated green that is guarded by a 120 year old oak tree is very intimidating. The correct club selection is critical as a long miss will result in a lost ball, an approach shot left below the hole is ideal here.

Hole #12 Par 4 456 Yards

Eagle Crest #12

Hole #12. This par 4 that has native grass to the left of the fairway is a tough tee shot. The fairway slopes left to right and calls for a left to right tee shot. A front or back pin location could be a two club difference with this deep green so make sure you select the proper club.

Hole #13 Par 4 420 Yards

Eagle Crest #13

Hole #13. This Par 4 offers a generous fairway but the approach shot is a little more difficult requiring a carry over a water hazard to a four tiered sloping green. Finding the correct tear with the approach shot is critical for putting success. A two putt on this green is very difficult.

Hole #14 Par 3 210 Yards

Eagle Crest #14

Hole #14. The most scenic par 3 at Eagle Crest gives the player a beautiful view of Ford Lake from the tee. A severely elevated tee results in a significant distance change, however wind direction will be substantial to your club selection. PRO TIP: 1.5 clubs less than measured distance unless into the wind. A fifty foot elevation drop from tee to green makes club selection critical if par is your goal.

Hole #15 Par 4 408 Yards

Eagle Crest #15

Hole #15. This par 4 will test your nerve as water runs along the left and right side of the fairway so a tee shot favoring the right side is optimal. The approach shot is over water that also guards the left side of the green.

Hole #16 Par 5 525 Yards

ann arbor golf and resort

#16 Our signature hole at Eagle Crest is a risk reward par 5 that features a peninsula green that has Ford Lake in play down the right side. A very intimidating tee shot over a water hazard should favor the left side of the fairway to give you the best opportunity for long hitters to reach the green in two. The second shot will allow the player to lay up before the green, a water hazard is blind from the fairway protecting the green, be sure to pick the correct layup distance as your approach will be to a peninsula green that is protected by Ford Lake on 3 sides. Pro Tip: Be sure to check the wind direction on the approach to the green, as missing the putting surface will likely result in the water.

Hole #17 Par 3 205 Yards

Eagle Crest #17

#17 The green stretches farther right than it appears from the tee with a large bunker wrapping around the right side to save balls from going into the water. An oversized green can leave an errant approach with a long putt for birdie.


Hole #18 Par 4. 365 Yards

Eagle Crest #18

#18 The final hole at Eagle Crest is a relatively short uphill par 4. A tee shot in the fairway is a must in order to hit the green in two as out of bounds looms to the right and a handful of Pine Trees to the left will leave you blocked out. The approach is to an uphill green that will require the player to club up. The two-tier putting green is sloped significantly from back to front. PRO TIP: Make sure to check pin position and be sure to leave yourself with an uphill putt. Leaving yourself with a downhill putt is very dangerous as it is common to putt the ball off the green here.

Eagle Crest Resort driving range and short practice facility overlooking Ford Lake

Eagle Crest golf resort driving range

Your Eagle Crest golfing experience begins with our superbly manicured and tiered driving range overlooking the golf course and Ford Lake.

Our adjacent short game practice facility is ideal for honing up your skills prior to playing.